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October 4, 2015 / Dog Bows

Getting the bows ready

Miami and Texas

October 4, 2015 / Dog Bows

Canada here I come!


Dog bows flying to Canada!

October 4, 2015 / Dog Bows

Alabama here I come!


Dog bows flying to Alabama!

January 5, 2014 / Dog Bows

Recipe: Healthy Pumpkin PB Biscuits

healthy dog biscuitI’m heading to the dog shelter tomorrow and thought I’d bake something special for the furbabies. It’s my very first time making dog treats so I went on a mission to find easy healthy dog biscuit recipes. Read more…

January 2, 2014 / Dog Bows

Spruce Up Doggie Meals

Introducing….Mimi, my beloved 14 year old shih tzu.


vegetarian dog food


I wanted to share with you the variety of foods you can offer your pooch to fancy up mealtime. I usually prepare enough cooked food for about 2-3 days and store it in the fridge. When it’s time for Mimi’s meal, I reheat the veggies or beans by steaming them in a pot. When the veggies have cooled slightly, I mix in a little dry kibble (I buy vegan kibble but use whatever you feel is best for your pup).


vegan dog foodvegan dog food


Left: Edamame, black eye peas, and sweet potato, Right: Purple potato and peas. Read more…

January 2, 2014 / Dog Bows

Warm and Fuzzy with Hong Kong Dog Rescue

Dogs for Adoption at HKDR

Plum, Peach, Carrot, Pineapple, Cherry, and Leyla. Smiley and Coconut found home 10/27.

Read more…

January 26, 2013 / Dog Bows

Sock Bun on Mimi


1. Gather fur high up on head, around the crown, and secure with a band.

2. Slide a mini donut over band pushing it against the fur.

3. Spread fur back over the sock, covering it entirely. Use another band to secure fur over the sock.